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Program Philosophy

What does a child have to learn? A child has much to learn in the Pre-K developmental stage of their life. This crucial stage will indeed set the foundation for how they will obtain, and process information. We address the questions that will set the framework for academic success.  Who am I? What can I be? What is the world made of? How does it work? What am I made of? What can I do? How do I fit in with everyone? 

Education is not just merited by content but engagement and interaction. It is essential to involve all of the five senses when teaching curriculum (taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell). By using all of the senses your child will retain information with excitement, and enthusiasm. We want to promote a fun, and unique learning experience. 

Young Children Swallow Experiences In Sips and Gulps 

Young children are active, intuitive scientists. They are always ready to explore, and investigate. Their curiosity is the driving force of our curriculum. We strive to give children the proper stimuli to divulge inquisitiveness, and empower creativity. Please call to schedule a tour of our facility to see for yourself! 













Meet the Director "Mrs V" 

When it comes to VIP it's about the children.  I started the daycare from my home about twenty years ago, and have now expanded into a small facility. I am still thriving and passionate about what I do.  My degree is in early childhood education.  Along with my education, being a mother, a teacher; my experience, and expertise enriches the many children I encounter in the best way! 


Parents need a place to house their children while they attend committed obligations.  They need not to worry about shelter, food or safety.  Granted no one can care for your child better than you but here at this daycare we would, “Love to love your baby.” We meet those daily needs as well as hugs and kisses and a dose of fun.  We care and are concerned with each little heartbeat.  We help in your child with developing mentally, socially and physically. 


We use the Teach My Learning Curriculum.  Our center promotes kindergarten readiness and practice developmentally appropriate practices.  The daycare is held accountable through our membership and participation with license and accredited programs including the High Scope Association, Paths of Quality, Child and Adult Care Food Program as well as the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.  These organizations as well as others help our daycare to remain productive in helping our clients’ children meet the standards for kindergarten readiness, develop socially and emotionally as well as strengthening small and large motor skills. 


When you find yourself pondering over where you can place your child that will love, teach and nurture them.  Bring them the to us. 


“We Love to Love your Baby!” 


Give us a call:


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Spring Events 

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May 5th - July 4th -2018

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