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Ages 2-3

Here at V.I.P Childcare we promote kindergarten readiness through the Teach Me Award Winning Curriculum. This curriculum makes sure your child knows their alphabet, shapes, colors, and numbers through repetition, and interaction. 

Toddler Town is an energetic environment developed, and designed just for your toddler's mind. We utilize their little body motions, and vocal sounds to explore, and learn. Through enriched activities, field trips, and free play, we've created a platform for discovery. 


We concentrate on developing a positive environment to help with self worth and self esteem. We focus on creating a base line for learning and achievement. The children develop friendships through collaborative play which is used to develop a positive social atmosphere. This in turn yields a child that is able to interact in social settings.





Pre-school Pad Frogs 

Ages 4-5


We leap into learning through our senses. We explore, grow and share adventures through active learning, and experimentation. Our classroom activities focus on surrounding the children with stimuli, helping them to identify solutions while working cohesively in a group.

Your preschooler will be provided a big leap into kindergarten readiness. They will begin reading, writing, and performing basic arithmetic. 

We use the “it’s okay” statement to create structure in our classroom. Children are learning boundaries that continue to aid in a positive self image. We teach our Pre-school Pad Frogs that making mistakes is expected, however we also promote a positive response to those mistakes. 



The Nursery Nook 

Ages Newborn- 12months


The nursery nook nurtures and supports the foundational building blocks to learning. We implement a calm, loving environment that supports growth, security, and contentment.

We teach the learning basic's for your baby. These basic's consist of: first numbers, first words, self, touch, and sounds. We promote natural repetition, parental bonding, and educational play. 


We interact with babies individually, but also in a group setting. This promotes social development, self-awareness, and self-soothing.


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